Smile Saver

With Smile Saver in your pocket, handbag, backpack, office or locker, no need to hide from your friends or cover your mouth due to foul odors and the bad taste of your removable oral device…simply spray, pause, insert, and experience the fast acting, on the go, safe and effective, great tasting way to sanitize any oral device.  Get on board with great taste and that makes your mouth and breath feel surprisingly fresh. 99.9% of bacteria living on your removable oral device is eliminated in just 60 seconds.

So, show a confident smile and enjoy a great taste.  Come smile with us!  Get your Smile Saver now

Smile Saver™ was designed to be a simple solution for sanitizing removable dental devices, such as clear aligners, orthodontic retainers, dentures, partial dentures, sleep disorder products and night guards. It is common knowledge that these devices can really get nasty with foul odors and bad taste not to mention the resulting bad breath…Yuck!

Use Smile Saver anyplace and anytime, as often as desired and get a fresh taste and confident feeling while using your oral devices.

Smile Saver is non-alcoholic and non-sugar sweetened.   No harmful chemicals. No artificial ingredients. No peroxides. The active ingredient in the formulation has achieved global usage in the food and cosmetic industries.

Smile Saver™ can be used on the removable appliance as often as you desire. Made with great tasting, natural flavors, Smile Saver™ is available in Spearmint flavor. Smile Saver will not discolor teeth or your devices.

Buy Smile Saver now…Kills germs on the go. Stops odor. Tastes great.


Smile Saver Sanitizing Spray Spearmint