Provider Network

Join our Provider Network … become a Smile Saver & Guard Health reseller!

Soluria™ products are primarily sold through dental professionals, sports organizations, retailers / re-sellers, manufacturers, distributors and membership based organizations (collectively referred to as “providers”). Individual bottles can be purchased by consumers here on our website.

Every network has its own set of expected or desired personal or business outcomes.  We make the necessary effort to create business models that deliver these desired outcomes.  The models are different but the results are the same – profitable providers and their satisfied customers have access to product technology that they need and are available only from Soluria.

Soluria™ has a robust provider network program that allows for the sale and distribution of Soluria™ flagship brand product – Smile Saver™ – within an approved network.  These networks are a distinguished group of providers who work closely every day with those that need a safe and healthy solution to a specific problem or issue. They provide significant benefits to their constituency when they are using the product – a very safe and effective sanitizing spray, so easy and convenient to use (anytime, anyplace), and they taste great!  So spray this totally safe product technology on the removable device or appliance as per the directions, wait, reinsert. No rinsing or other details to attend to.  For the provider – an extra source of cash flow and, most important, the knowledge that they are providing a proven solution to a known and serious problem – bacteria colonization, nasty smell and bad taste – for the patient or device user. Now that is how to differentiate your business from all the rest!

Soluria™ offers several different provider network models to fit most business environments and re-seller / provider needs.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized re-seller/provider/affiliate and have questions regarding the provider network, please fill out the form to the right, call 844-SOLURIA (765-8742) or email