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Combat Disease Transmission from Athletic Mouth Guards


While studies have been released on the subject of germ contamination on athletic mouth guards and removal oral appliances, most athletes, sports officials, coaches, dental professionals, sports associations, and parents and guardians, are woefully unaware of these invisible bacteria and need to be educated on how to best prevent an unexpected bout of illness brought on by bacteria entering the bloodstream.

According to the health and education officials, there has been an increase in staph infections spreading through schools nationwide. In 2015, for example, one school district in Virginia had to shut down 21 schools because a 17-year-old student died after being diagnosed with MRSA.

Therefore, it becomes a critical issue that bacteria that have colonized on the athletic mouth guard be sanitized before having the opportunity to cause further problems. Dr. Tom Glass and his associates in Oklahoma University and also Oklahoma State University, have studied this phenomenon in explicit detail and have shown the danger of athletic mouth guards and dental appliances colonized with bacterial contamination.

The previously mentioned study by Dr. Glass included two case studies, both detailing the clinical history of two junior high football players. One player had cellulitis of the leg after a non-break injury. The other one had acute exercise-induced asthma with uncontrollable symptoms. In both cases, the athletes wore mouth guards that were contaminated with the microorganisms that were considered to be the reason for their illness. You can read more about this study here.

Dr. Glass reported that “the two cases presented in this article strongly implicate disease transmission by athletic mouth guard wear.”

Often tossed in a bag with germ-laden clothing and equipment or tossed in a dirty locker, mouth guards are rarely cleaned properly, if at all. Glass further explained that they had not yet found an acceptable sanitizing method for these mouth guards because mouth guards, like night guards and dentures, are very porous.

“While mouth guards appear solid, they are very porous, like a sponge, and with use, microorganisms invade these porosities,” said Glass.

Washing or boiling the mouth guard isn’t enough to get rid of all of the bacteria; the study concluded and further implicated that mouth guards may need to be single-use appliances…but this can be costly…so this serious problem has going unsolved…

Until Now…  

Guard Health™: Protecting the Health & Safety Needs of all Athletes

Guard Health™™ is an advanced sanitizing spray for athletic mouth guards. It is non-alcoholic, and non-sugar sweetened. Guard Health™ is also the only commercially available sanitizing spray in which is easy to use, even in a fast-paced sporting event, and very effective indeed.

Made with great tasting naturally derived flavors, Guard Health™ can be used as often as needed to cleanse a mouth guard and add a burst of freshness.  Guard Health™ will not discolor teeth or hav e any negative effect on the mouth guard itself.

The formulation for Guard Health™ is patent pending. The ingredients are safe.  We are in the final phase of releasing special formulations for athletic use.

So how does this work for you to create a situation that is good for your members and the organization and allows you, the association manager or executive director, to go the extra mile to provide even more healthy services to your constituency? There are two ways, both achieving the same objective.  Let’s discuss the possibilities.

For your players…If they have a minute…spray their guards!

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