Soluria Brands

Preventative oral spray

Soluria’s convenient & easy to use, great tasting cleaning sprays kill 99.9% of night guard & clear braces -Invisalign® & Smile Direct Club brands – bacteria in 60 seconds, anytime, anyplace.  Stops foul odors. Tastes great.  Safe & effective. So, keep all that yuck from your mouth!

Smile Saver cleans clear braces, retainers, night guard products, dentures, and even toothbrushes.  It is the only fast-acting, on-the-go, great tasting cleaning spray on the market today. Smile Saver eliminates foul odors, provides a great taste. It is easy to use and packed with convenience.

There is now no reason to be wearing Invisalign® and Smile Direct Club clear braces that have foul odors, taste bad and can create bad breath. No need to be covering your mouth.  And you can have the convenience of Smile Saver while on-the-go, anytime or anyplace.  No rinsing required.


Guard Health is a significant good-health breakthrough for those sports enthusiasts using athletic mouth guards in any sport and for all levels of competition.  No need to get sick.  Stay in the game.

Illness is similar to Injury, and, no matter which it is, an athlete experiences the same time away from practice and games, misses opportunities, and reduces conditioning. So whether strep throat or a pulled hamstring, you are out of the game.  Why take the risk?  Got a minute – Spray your  Guard.

So, Moms, Coaches, athletic trainers, Team Moms…join the safety and good health program! All players should be spraying Guard Health on their mouth guards and using Guard Health regularly…before, during and after any and all contact sports games.