Smilesaver™ Spray Pocket size .25 oz – Single-Pack [Test]


Try our pocket-size Smilesaver™ spray.  Just one pump works fast to clean retainers, Invisalign, mouth guards, dentures, and more from harmful bacteria, mold, tastes, and odors.  Oral wellness at its best!

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This small Smilesaver Cleansing and Freshening pump is right for the pocket and anywhere else you’d like to have on hand. Our mini quarter ounce (1/4 oz.) dispenser pump is available at your fingertips to freshen and clean your removable dental device anytime.  Same great thorough cleansing and a burst of natural spearmint flavor-packed with a robust preventative oral care made more convenient.

Dimensions 10.15 × 1.5 in

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