Knock Out Mouth Guard Germs

We know the benefits of hand sanitizer…but wouldn’t it also make sense to remove bacteria from what you put in your mouth? Science thinks so.

By Dennis Hanlon

We know the benefits of hand sanitizer…but wouldn’t it also make sense to remove bacteria from what you put in your mouth? Science thinks so.

Guard Health™ is a convenient, great-tasting spray that eliminates mouth guard germs in seconds with no rinsing. The compact bottle makes it easy to have on hand in the locker room, on the field, or on-the-go.

Guard Health™ was developed after a series of studies found a connection between athletes’ dirty mouth guards and various discomforts that those players were experiencing.

Mouth guard bacteria have been traced to conditions ranging from an increase in mouth lesions to potential exercise-induced asthma.

Microbiological tests performed by independent laboratories show the effectiveness of Guard Health™ against some of the most common (and potentially harmful) microorganisms existing on sports mouth guards during use.

In just 60 seconds, Guard Health™ gets rid 99.9% of bacteria and no rinsing required. A great tasting formula that freshens and protects your mouth.

  • no alcohol
  • no sugar
  • safe for all mouth guards
  • use anytime, anywhere, as often as you like

Illness = injury. whether you’re sidelined by injury or by illness, the result is the same: you’re losing playing time and conditioning.

It’s worth taking every precaution to guard your health…so you can stay in the game!

Generations of athletes failed to make the connection between various health problems and the poor condition of their mouth guards.

Groundbreaking studies by a major American university and by private industries have confirmed that pathogens originating on non sterilized dental appliances may pose potential health risks.

Some of the formative academic studies that inspired the invention of Guard Health™ are listed below:

Possible disease transmission by contaminated mouthguards in two young football players

by: R Thomas Glass 1 C Rieger WoodJames W BullardRobert S Conrad

Protective Athletic Mouthguards: Do They Cause Harm?

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Dennis Hanlon

Dennis Hanlon

Founder & CEO at Soluria: development concepts encompass novel products within the dental and sports markets.

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