Guard Health

If you play any contact or near contact sportsuch as Football, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball, Equestrian, Martial Arts, Baseball, Track & Field, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Inline Skating, Lacrosse, Weightlifting, Racquetball, Boxing, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Water Polo, and many  more,

you should be wearing an athletic mouth guard…but these mouth guards get dirty, grungy, and taste awful.  Studies show they are heavily contaminated with bacteria and that can lead to problems.  Why put up with that?  Why take the risk?

They get dropped on the ground, stuck in a sock, chewed on, and tossed in a sports bag or locker…and perhaps not sanitized for days.

So, don’t miss any of the action…inactivate 99.9% of bacteria that live on your athletic mouth guard in 60 seconds! 

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NOTE:  Illness is similar to Injury

Don’t take the risk of getting sick and missing that important game…spray Guard Health on your guard, pause and insert, and STAY IN THE GAME!

Whether you are sidelined with a fracture or a fever, the result is the same…YOU ARE OUT OF THE GAME!

Athletic mouth guards can spoil the fun in a serious way. Because research has shown that certain harmful bacteria can colonize on athletic mouth guards.  You cannot contribute to the victory of your team if you on the bench or sick at home.  Missing time from your sport creates a reduction in stamina and physical conditioning that you worked so hard to build up.  You lose in several ways. So take ALL the steps to win…and be ready all the time.

SO, WHY TAKE THE RISK…?  Moms, Coaches, Trainers, Youth Sports Associations, Sports Officials, all stakeholders – listen up!


“Stay Healthy…Stay in the Game”

                                      Guard Health™… safe and effective, tastes great and convenient to use!


The convenient spray bottle provides a perfect size to toss into an athletic bag. By taking 60 seconds to spray the athletic mouth guard before inserting into the mouth, and when removing from the mouth also goes a long way to Mouth Guards for Kidseliminating the odors and bad taste coming from potentially harmful bacteria…and GUARD HEALTH™ TASTES GREAT!

Guard Health™ is currently available in Sport Mint and Punch Bowl flavors – both sugar and alcohol-free. The product is safe, so use it as often as desired…it works!

“You don’t have to sell me on the benefits of Guard Health. When I was 14 years old, most of my football team got Trench Mouth and it came from using dirty mouth guards.”– Stump Martin, Director of East Ridge (TN) Parks & Recreation


     And 99.9% of the bacteria on your mouth guard is inactivated…it’s that simple!

Get your guard up…Spray it with Guard Health and stay in the game!