never wear a dirty sports guard again


Cleans + protects sport mouthguard + you


ABOUT Guard Health

Guard Health™ is uniquely formulated and proven to eliminate bacteria up to 99.9% in less than 60 seconds. With no artificial ingredients, no peroxide, no sugar, and no chemicals, it is the best cleaning solution suitable for all ages.

Knock-out the nasty build-up in your sports guard on the spot –  anytime, anywhere. 







Take 1-minute to clean your mouth guard with Guard Health™ Advanced Cleansing Spray



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What sports enthusiasts of all ages Say

Ever since I discovered Guard Health me and my team love using it. It's fast, easy, and we no longer get disgusted wearing mouth guards. I feel good now that I can spray this stuff and wear my mouthguard throughout the game or practice and tastes good.

Eli P.

Guard Health has been a game changer for me. I love sports, but detested wearing a guard 'cause I'd leave in the bag and there wasn't a way to sort of , clean it to kill the bad taste. With this, I spray and put in my mouth after a minute wherever I am. No rinse, no wash, no nothing. Very cool stuff.

A. Klosse

I use Guard Health all the time. Yeah boxing is hard. It's hard work to be in tiptop condition. This spray knocks-out the germs right out of the mouthguard and has made it very easy to take my fitness to the next level. I'm even nicer to my opponent, I'm controlling my germs...LOL


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