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A microphotograph of a Typical bacterial colony found in the mouth and on dental devices.

Our product’s cleansing and freshening properties help eliminate, in a minute, 99.9% of bacteria found on night guards. We help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful smile, wherever, whenever.

Night guards

The problem - oral hygiene & bacteria

Night Guards 

Night guards (grinding guards) protect the teeth from the damage cause by constant grinding and clenching associated with bruxism. Unfortunately, although night guards are made to withstand the pressure of your teeth grinding, they will not last forever. How long a night guard lasts depends on a variety of factors, including the severity and extent of your grinding, the type of guard that you use, and the care you take of it between usage occasions. With proper care, most night guards will last for 2 years before you need a replacement.


As you may know, bacteria can adhere to removable oral devices, such as a night guard, and, if they remain on the device undisturbed, they can replicate rapidly to form mature biofilms on those devices because they remain in place for most of the day. 


 These biofilms will contain benign species from within the normal oral biome, as well as potentially pathogenic species that can cause dental problems, such as Streptococcus mutants, the primary bacterial species associated with the development of dental caries. Biofilms on devices that are stored between usage occasions, like night guards, may also harbor non-oral organisms derived from the device’s storage case or container. If these biofilms remain on the devices between usage occasions, they can create issues, such as impaired device aesthetics and undesirable taste and odor. In addition, there may be a risk of developing bacteria-induced diseases and conditions in the mouth and, perhaps, elsewhere in the body. Thus, the buildup of bacterial biofilm on night guards can negatively impact a user’s experience and compliance to its use.

What can you do to improve the overall comfort of wearing night guards and get a better rest?

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The solution - Clean the night guard with smilesaver™

Our product cleans, freshens, and eliminates foul odors and tastes, so you rest well. Smilesaver™ proprietary formula quickly and effectively reduces the buildup of bacterial biofilm on night guards by up to 99.9%, helping night guard users to better control their device usage and stay healthy.

Smilesaver™ Spray 1oz bottle
Eliminates Bacteria, mold & foul odors. Tastes Great.

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What Our wonderful Clients Say About Us

This has been a game changer for me! I no longer get disgusted thinking about wearing night guards. With Smilesaver™ you just spray and wait 60 seconds and insert. I go to bed with this great tasting minty taste in my mouth.

Taylor Kalupa - Actress

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