Questions we’re often asked about our Smile Saver spray. Soon the same will apply to Guard Health.

If you have additional questions regarding our preventative oral care products, please contact us.

1. How do you know the Guard Health™ & Smile Saver™ formulations work as intended?

US patent application included test data using only well accepted USP standard tests to measure the efficacy of our products. Recent tests by an independent testing laboratory showed that our products delivered outstanding results (99.9+%) inactivation on several bacteria species and mold and yeast.

2. What does Smile Saver “protect against”

Smile Saver helps fight the bacteria that can cause odor and bad taste and help protect the overall health of the user of many types of removable oral devices.  Independent labs prove it.  We fully expect the same performance for our next product Guard Health.

3. Why is this protection necessary?

To eliminate bad taste and foul odors that lead to bad breath and overall to keep users of oral devices healthy and help prevent sickness.

4. Does it taste good?

Smile Saver™ is provided in a variety of great tasting, all natural flavors to suit the needs of all users. Yes, they taste great and give the users confident in their smile and in all social environments.

5. Athletic mouth guards have been used for years at all levels of contact sports, why is this  spray now ‘desirable’ or ‘required’?

While contamination has been known, the connection to getting sick has never been made by sports officials to a large degree.  Recent observations at major universities during football season indicate key players have been sidelined with strep throat. Referees that carry unsanitary whistles from game to game to game complain of strep throat as well.

6. How often is it best to use?

Every time you remove your removable oral device from or before inserting it into mouth or as often as you desire…no limits are proposed. The products are simply easy to use, anytime, anyplace, while on-the-go, with no rinsing required and it only takes 60 seconds…so, take advantage of a product that is safe and effective and does the job. Safeguard that smile and stay in the game.

7. What is shelf life of product?

Greater than 1-year stability tests have been achieved.  The spray is packaged in a 30 ml container to promote convenient use.  Expiration dates of products are clearly marked on the labels. Unopened bottles should be fine up to two years.  The package should last about a month if devices are sprayed two to three times per day.

8. Is it patented? And, are there other patents?

Yes, application filed and pending.  Other patents also pending.

9. What is the importance of this product?

It simply sanitizes removable oral devices – being fast acting and providing the on the go need so many have expressed.  Market research shows that Moms have a 100% purchase intent.

10. Are there any potential side effects from using this mouth guard or removable dental/orthodontic sanitizing sprays?


11. Is Xylitol a safe ingredient? How do we know?

Xylitol is as sweet as sucrose with 33% less calories.   Xylitol has no aftertaste and is safe for diabetics and for people with hyperglycemia.
Xylitol has no known toxicity or carcinogenicity and is considered safe by the FDA.  It has a long history of use. It is extremely well known in the dental community and gaining broader recognition among Moms and other influencers.

12. Are the products being produced in a safe and clean place with all the controls for good manufacturing practices?

Our manufacturing facility is ISO certified and also Kosher certified. An FDA approved facility, we pass all FDA audits due to stringent ISO adherence. We carry all the MSDS sheets from all the raw material suppliers for the spray formulations. MSDS sheets are also available for our products. ISO 13485 is the driving force behind all manufacturing processes and housekeeping and maintenance. (GMP).