A denture cleaning practice session

Cleaning dentures throughout the day is important. Proper care of your dentures prolongs their life-span while promoting your overall wellness and confidence.

Full & Partial Dentures

the problem - Foul Taste & Odor
As opposed to implants, crowns, and bridges which are permanent replacements for missing teeth, dentures are removable replacements that can be fitted as a complete (full) set or as a partial set, depending on the number of teeth that are missing. 

Some of the most common problems with dentures are that:

  1. They tend to move in the mouth, especially while eating and/or talking.
  2. They collect and trap food which can lead to gum problems, decay and further tooth loss.

Bacteria can adhere to any removable oral device, including full and partial dentures, and, if they remain on the dentures undisturbed, they can replicate rapidly to form mature biofilms on your dentures because they remain in place all day long. In a similar way to the biofilms on natural teeth, the biofilms on dentures will contain a mixture of benign species derived from the normal oral microbiome, as well as potentially pathogenic species that can cause problems, such as Streptococcus mutants, the primary bacterial species associated with the development of dental caries. If these biofilms remain on the dentures between usage occasions, they can create issues, such as undesirable taste and oral malodor. In addition, there may be a risk of developing bacteria-induced diseases and conditions in the mouth and, perhaps, elsewhere in the body. Thus, the buildup of bacterial biofilm on dentures can negatively impact a user’s experience and compliance to their use.

feel good feel confident

the solution- eliminate bacteria

Smilesaver™ is a proprietary, safe and effective, on-the-go spray for cleansing and freshening removable oral devices to help improve users compliance to their device usage programs. The product quickly and effectively reduces bad taste and offensive odor, and is proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99.9%, helping denture users to better control their device usage and stay healthy. Oral wellness at its best!

Smilesaver™ Spray 1oz bottle
Eliminates Bacteria. Foul Odors. Tastes Great

Be in control

What Our Wonderful Clients Say About Us

Smilesaver™ has changed my experience wearing dentures. I can go out with my friends and clean my dentures at a moment's notice. A great upkeep for the denture and myself and easy to do.

Carmela Santos

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