What are you putting in your mouth?

Studies from several prominent university professors and professionals have identified removable dental and orthodontic appliances and sports mouth guards as breeding grounds for bacteria…no question!

With some rather nasty characters proven to be lurking in these areas, it is critical to that these devices are sanitized regularly to avoid any dangers of any further problems.

Meet Smile Saver™ and coming soon Guard Health™ by Soluria™ and let’s get acquainted!

A few quick sprays of Smile Saver™ or Guard Health™ is all it takes to sanitize a dental or orthodontic appliance, an athletic mouth guard, a mouth piece from a musical instrument or just about anything you or your loved ones take in and out of the mouth.  Mouth Guards for Kids

Smile Saver™ and Guard Health™fight the deadly bacteria that naturally colonize on these appliances. These patent-pending products taste great and are convenient to use.  Your dental professionals and sports coaches and, of course, all the Moms will be pleased you have a way to fight off the bacteria that lurks in every device with the potential to cause health problems for all the users of all these devices.

With a variety of fun flavors, including “Bubble Gum and Spearmint”, “Punch Bowl”, “Sport Mint”, protecting you never tasted so good.

Learn more about Soluria™ products or shop for your favorite flavor now.  What a refreshing experience it will be!