About Soluria™

Welcome to Soluria™

The Vision

Soluria’s vision is to be a leader in developing innovative product technologies that provide simple solutions for good health for everyday life.  We believe that it is not necessary to suffer through corrective teeth alignment procedures and the wearing of other devices to sustain your beautiful smile.

Our initial product developments were targeted to all people who wear clear braces such as Invisalign® and Smile Direct Club, retainers, night guard products, sleep apnea apparatus, anti-snoring devices like Zyppah, or dentures.  We believe they should have the opportunity to clean them regularly, anytime, anyplace while on the go.  We have addressed that unmet need head-on.

Current Soluria products – Smile Saver and Guard Health – are convenient, on-the-go, easy to use cleaning sprays that kill 99.9% of device bacteria in just 60 seconds.   Independent laboratories prove it. All this with no sugar, no alcohol, and no artificial ingredients. Device bacteria is linked to bad taste, odor, and bad breath.  Now device wearers can have confidence in their smile and athletes can protect their game face since these problems are eliminated.

Soluria’s Founder

Dennis Hanlon  

With 40 years of senior executive experience in the specialty products arena, Dennis has been instrumental in the creation of patented concepts that have revolutionized many industrial operations on a global basis. His diverse business credentials have spanned 45 countries with executive roles that placed him among the international leaders in the fields of innovative product design concepts coupled with successful commercial development. Hanlon is a Chemical Engineer, MBA and received advanced International Marketing certification from Columbia University.

Hanlon created Soluria, LLC, as a start-up venture in 2016 when he was approached with an idea for creating and patenting a new sanitizing spray product for removable oral devices.

Technology and Biology

Dr. Richard Stockel and Dr. Jack McCaskie have been involved in new product research for many years. Between the two of them, they have been awarded over 150 patents. Dr. Stockel is the principal inventor for our current product formulations, and Dr. McCaskie has assisted to build on that intellectual property to create new concepts for utilization.

Bruce Nascimbeni has several years of experience in companies like Colgate, where he became highly knowledgeable of preventative oral care. His consulting company provides biological testing services to support the product development efforts. He is also the key figure in the presentation of our data matrices on Kill Rate, ZOI, and Preservation testing.

The Future

Our vision at Soluria™ is to continue to drive the passion for innovative and novel product technologies that provide solutions for good health and significant benefit to those that wear oral devices of all kinds.

Soluria-logo_blackWhen we say “Solutions for Good Health”, we mean it.