About Soluria

Companies and industries are born when people solve problems nobody knew needed to be solved.

Welcome to Soluria™, a Company with a passion to find solutions for good health through formulation technology, creating new products initially for all people using removable oral devices in the dental and sports markets.

We are the developers of  Smile Saver™ and, soon to be commercialized, Guard Health™. Patent pending and made in America.  Easy to use and they work in just 60 seconds.

Why are we in business?

To develop solutions to serious problems that impact the human health condition.

What do we do?

We develop proprietary product technology and formulations that deliver the results needed to solve problems in sports, dental and orthodontic, cosmetic and health industries. Our current product lines offer  solutions for removable oral appliances and athletic mouth guards. They are effective, convenient to use, and taste great!  We also work with market leaders to identify a good strategic fit for the technology that allows it to be delivered to the user effectively and  efficiently to assure maximum results.

How do we deliver the value proposition?

Soluria™ uses the Internet and a series of important distribution models, where key influencers have direct access to the potential user of the products.

Innovation is essential.   Our Team is dedicated to new technology solutions.

Management Team

Dennis Hanlon

With 40 years of senior executive experience in the specialty products arena, Dennis has been instrumental in the creation of patented concepts that have revolutionized many industrial operations on a global basis. His diverse business credentials have spanned 45 countries with executive roles that placed him among the international leaders in the fields of innovative product design concepts coupled with successful commercial development. Hanlon is a Chemical Engineer, MBA and received advanced International Marketing certification from Columbia University.

Hanlon created Soluria, LLC, as a start-up venture when his business consulting firm, Cyanetix Group, was approached with an idea for creating and patenting a new sanitizing spray product for removable oral devices. He took the lead to develop the flavor profiles for the formulations.

William Mortimer

With over 35 years of experience in R&D at WL Gore and Associates, Bill has developed a strong track record of driving successful innovation. Bill holds 17 US patents and over 100 related international patents and filings. With an impressive track record of solving complex challenges for businesses, Bill has decades of experience not just leading technical efforts but also being involved in cross functional activities driving technology development, new process development, new product development, and new business development. These include experiences in industries such as medical devices, bio pharm, electronics, filtration, sealants, electrochemistry and apparel among others.

Gloria Garrett

Gloria Garrett is an entrepreneurial marketing and innovation executive who’s equally comfortable in large corporations, mid-size enterprises, and start-ups. Gloria’s fingerprints are on many trademarks in the US and around the world, including technology, manufacturing, hospitality, and non-profit brands, as well as iconic consumer brands, such as Cheer, M&M’s, Snickers, Twix, Dove, Revlon, PowerAde, Dasani, Coca-Cola, Gold Peak, Nestea, Minute Maid, Planet Smoothie and Olive Garden. Her success depends on inspiring teams to drive innovation across all marketing elements, with profitable growth as the result.

Other legacies include Mars Inc.’s launches into the seasonal business and sport sponsorship, Revlon’s international skin care strategy, Olive Garden’s media plan overhaul, and the recent successful rebirth of the Hostess Twinkie.


Technology and Biology

Dr. Richard Stockel and Dr. Jack McCaskie have been involved in new product research for many years. Between the two of them, they have been awarded over 150 patents. Dr. Stockel is the principal inventor for our current product formulations, and Dr. McCaskie has assisted to build on that intellectual property to create new concepts for utilization.

Bruce Nascimbeni has several years of experience in companies like Colgate, where he became highly knowledgeable of preventative oral care. His consulting company provides biological testing services to support the product development efforts. He is also the key figure in the presentation of our data matrices on Kill Rate, ZOI and Preservation testing.

Hanlon’s consulting company, Cyanetix Group and its partners provide additional support to Soluria™ in terms of marketing communications, accounting and finance, and business development.

The Future

Our vision at Soluria™ is to continue to drive the passion for innovative and novel product technologies that provide solutions for good health and significant benefit to our provider network partners.

Soluria-logo_blackWhen we say “Solutions for Good Health”, we mean it.