5 Easy Tips on How to Effectively Clean a Retainer On-the-Go

Are you planning a trip and wear retainers? Here are practical suggestions on how to care for Your Retainer When You Are Traveling.

By Dennis Hanlon

Are you planning a trip and wear retainers? Here are practical suggestions on how to care for your Retainer when you are traveling.

If you have an upcoming trip on the horizon, it is important to prepare appropriately for it. This entails bringing your Invisalign travel kit and cleaning accessories with you wherever you go. However, cleaning your tray or retainer on-the-go isn’t always going to be easy or convenient. To help you out, we recommend these top tips for keeping your retainer clean and fresh. Learn how to deep clean a retainer the next time you are traveling now.

Your smile is a priceless part of you that needs to be taken care of, which is why it is imperative that you follow a regular cleaning routine. While cleaning on-the-go isn’t always convenient, it is still a necessary task for you to complete on a regular basis. When you forget to clean your retainer or aligner, you run the risk of dealing with tooth decay, retainer discoloration, and unpleasant mouth odors. Bacteria and plaque will build up onto your retainers over time, causing great discomfort to you. To prevent serious dental problems from occurring in the future, keep the following tips in mind whenever you need to travel with your retainers on-the-go.

How to Deep Clean a Retainer

5 Tips for Keeping Your Retainer Clean and Fresh

While packing for your upcoming trip, you should include your retainer’s cleaning supplies. Without them, you will have a harder time giving your retainers the proper deep cleanse they need. These tips will also make cleaning your retainers on-the-go much easier. Check them out now!

1. Bring a Cleaning Spray

Sometimes, you won’t have easy access to a bathroom or a sink to clean your retainer. This, of course, makes it harder for you to properly clean it. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, your retainer will start to smell bad. A dirty retainer can also leave you vulnerable to unpleasant oral conditions such as tooth decay. To prevent this from occurring, bring a Smile Saver Spray™ with you on your upcoming trip.

The Smilesaver Spray™ is a convenient, portable cleaning solution for retainer wearers. This spearmint spray is packed with natural flavor and preventative oral care all in one, portable spray bottle. No sugar, alcohol, or peroxide is contained in it.

Using the spray is simple. Simply remove your retainer from your mouth before thoroughly spraying it. Then, wait a minute before re-inserting it back into your mouth or putting it back into its case. No rinsing is necessary.

2. Remember to Rinse Your Retainer Tray Whenever You Remove It

You should rinse out your retainer tray whenever you need to remove it. For example, if you are dining out, you will need to rinse it right after you take the tray out and before you re-insert it into your mouth. Rinse it for several seconds in cold or warm water each time. Water that is too hot can end up warping the plastic.

3. Pack an Extra Retainer Case with You

Before you go, remember to pack an extra case with you. Storing your retainer in a dry place when you aren’t using it is important for keeping it clean and safe. You should also clean your case on a regular basis. Cleaning it once a day is a good practice to follow. To clean it, simply scrub all of its surfaces with soapy water before rinsing and drying it. 

4. Perform a Deep Cleaning at Least Once a Week

There are a number of different cleaning solutions you can soak your retainer in.

If you don’t have any other supplies on you, you can clean your retainer with mouthwash or denture cleaner. If you choose to soak your retainer in mouthwash, keep it in the mouthwash for only several minutes. Mouthwash may not clean your tray thoroughly enough. Because it contains alcohol, it can also dry out your retainer. If you have a denture cleaner, you can soak it in the solution for 20 minutes. Denture cleaner can cause your retainer to turn yellow after prolonged use, so this isn’t a permanent solution either.

You can also make your own homemade solution consisting of water and vinegar or baking soda. Both solutions are effective agents in eliminating stains and odors. Soak your retainer in either solution for at least 20 minutes before rinsing and brushing it off.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can prevent bacteria growth on your retainer and keep it safe from damage. Drinking water is also important for preventing dry mouth, which is linked to tooth day. If your mouth ever starts to feel dry, grab a cup of water and swish it around your mouth for a few seconds. Before your next trip, remember to brush up on these tips and pack up all of your dental cleaning supplies. For more advice on taking care of your Invisalign trays, contact the Soluria dental team today.

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