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Our Focus

Developing exceptional oral wellness products to fit today's lifestyle

About Us

Soluria® is a company focused on the development of innovative products based on novel technologies that provide robust solutions for overall exceptional oral wellness.


Unique technology

We developed an effective technology solving issues that may compromise the overall health of users wearing removable oral devices, especially patients undergoing orthodontic care, and athletes engaged in sport activities.

Kids, Mouth guards and Sports

Proven Technology

Our products have been subject to rigorous independent laboratory tests demonstrating their safety and effectiveness.  They are manufactured under Standard Operating Procedures consistent with FDA guidance for Medical Devices.



Soluria® was inspired by Dr. Thomas Glass, a forensic dentist who dedicated decades of scientific research in pathology fields. Our patent-pending products help address oral wellness concerns resulting from prolonged wear of a removable sports or orthodontic oral device and, thus, support good oral and systemic health and wellness.

For many patients, Smilesaver™ Spray is the missing piece of the hygiene home care and on the go puzzle. Even if our patients are following our home care recommendations to the letter, once they put a dirty clear aligner or oral appliance into their mouths, they’ve compromised their progress. This can be especially problematic for medically-compromised patients or those with advanced periodontal disease.

Debra Zafiropoulos, RDH 

Dental Hygiene, Thought Leader 


Designed to Suit

At Home and On the go


Orthodontics to Sports & more

Our cleansing sprays help eliminate bacteria in devices and are perfect for clear aligners and retainers users; cross-contamination mitigation for patients undergoing periodontal treatment; users of night guards for bruxism and apnea mouth devices;  users of sports mouth guards, snorkeling mouth gear, and more. Our products are a robust complement to any oral wellness regiment.

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What Customers Say

I just started Invisalign, I like this product, it is small and I can carry in my backpack, helps with a fast clean and tastes good!
K. Bermingham

You don't have to sell me on the benefit of Guard Health. When I was 14 most of my football team got Trench Mouth and that came from wearing dirty mouth guards!
S. Martin
Dir. E. Ridge
Parks & Recreation

I tried the stuff with the aligners, but after sitting in the solution, it tasted like I was putting bleach in my mouth. I love how Smilesaver tastes and it's easy to use.
Brinda S.

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