Soluria™: Solutions for Good Health

Soluria’s vision is to be a leader for developing innovative product technologies that provide solutions for good health to everyone.  As an example of our initial product development, we believe that all who utilize removable oral devices should have the opportunity to sanitize them regularly, anytime, anyplace while on the go, and not just at home once per day scrubbing them in a sink.  We have addressed that issue head on.

We have developed formulations to address this very strong unmet need – a convenient, on-the-go, easy to use sanitizing spray that provides freedom from odor causing bacteria on removable oral devices that are linked not only to bad taste and bad breath, but to more serious health consequences.

Research has shown that removable oral dental devices – retainers, clear aligners, night guards, and athletic mouth guards to name a few, are colonized with several potentially harmful bacteria species.  It has been well publicized that poor oral health stemming from using these devices can cause other health issues of significance.  So it is paramount to always sanitize removable oral devices before putting them in the mouth. Until now there has been no fast acting, on-the-go, safe and effective and flavorful way to accomplish this. We have developed a new sanitizing spray product that is easy and convenient to use and has a very pleasant taste…and NO ALCOHOL, NO SUGAR, NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS. NO PEROXIDES.

We call is Smile Saver…The caring, anytime, anyplace Protector.

Millions of removable oral devices are worn on a regular basis by over 150 million people in the USA alone. And there is no other product that provides a fresh, clean and confident feeling anyplace and anywhere, while on the go and away from home. . Spray. Pause. Insert…takes less than a minute. Very simple. And it works. Independent lab data proves it.  So learn more about this amazing technology in the product section of this web site.


Soluria™: Working to Develop New Applications all the time.

At Soluria™, we are working towards developing new products and delivery systems to provide what you need when you need it. Give us a call at 844-SOLURIA (765-8742)! We are always looking for new ways to provide “Solutions for Good Health.”