Soluria™: Solutions for Good Health

You sanitize your hands regularly, anytime, anywhere you go… so, why don’t you sanitize what you put in your mouth when you need it? Removable oral devices start building up bacteria the moment you put them in your mouth. Not good…they taste bad and smell awful!  Next is bad breath? Will bacteria and germs keep you out of the game?

Soluria has the answer to these real problems with two new portable, simple to use, great tasting products…

Smile Saver and Guard Health are the only fast-acting, on the go, anytime, anyplace sanitizing sprays for removable oral devices on the market today. They are completely safe and effective. They offer convenience, ease of use and do not require rinsing. They provide a 99.9% kill rate on device bacteria in 60 seconds (fast) and they taste fantastic. They contain no sugar, no alcohol, and no artificial ingredients. Imagine that! All those great features in that little bottle.They are packaged in a 1 oz pump spray single pack bottle with 180 sprays (4-6 weeks of use) and can be used as often as desired. Great tasting natural flavors are Spearmint for Smile Saver and Sport Mint for Guard Health.

So, dental patient or athlete, it is time to get rid of the germs, bad odor and taste that could lead to bad breath or keep you on the sideline for that very important game.

The formulations are patent pending, backed by good science. They have been tested in third-party labs with impressive results and consumer market testing gave the product exceptionally high marks, with 100% of Moms indicating they would buy.

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