During Covid-19, we continuously follow hygiene practices, frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, and wearing of a mask. Soluria further advices the use of Smilesaver™ Spray to eliminate bacteria found on removable oral devices as shown in laboratory tests.

Products for a healthy smile

Smilesaver™ Spray

Eliminates bacteria. Stops odors & bad breath. Tastes great.

Take One Minute to Spray & Clean Wherever and Whenever

Perfect for cleansing all oral devices

How to Clean Invisalign, Aligners & Trays

Get rid of smells and funk with the best retainer cleaner in the market. Our dental cleaning product will not damage retainers or stain Invisalign. Use as often as needed on the go. Great tasting peroxide-free formula, naturally leaves your mouth feeling fresh!

Best Sports Guard Cleaner

No more foul tasting mouth guards of any kind. Smilesaver™ cleans stinky and dirty mouth guards, night guards, and dental guards, without you missing a beat. Our spray is a great defense against plaque buildup. A game-changing experience for night guard users that grind teeth or suffer from sleep apnea.

How to Clean Dentures Quickly?

A cleaning denture routine is critical for preventing stains and keeping a healthy smile. Smilesaver™ Spray provides a 1-minute, fresh cleaning solution for your active lifestyle. A perfect complement to denture tablets or Efferdent power crystals for a robust personal oral hygiene care.

Smilesaver™ | For a Healthy Smile

For a Healthy Smile

Soluria, innovative oral health products for overall good health.

I tried the stuff they gave me with the Invisalign, but after sitting in the solution, it tasted like I was putting bleach in my mouth. It also took 15 minutes to disinfect so I rarely did it. I use Smilesaver Spray instead. I like how I can use this several times a day without stopping my day and tastes great.

Brinda L.

I can honestly say that I LOVE IT! Smilesaver not only does it taste amazing, it's got a sweet minty taste and it's sugar-free. I was in the car on a long journey and because I couldn't clean my teeth, I sprayed this inside my trays and it tides me over. It's just really useful!

Milli P.

It's perfect for my 15 minute breaks at work, when I wanna spend those minutes eating instead of the whole dental hygiene routine. I'm not comfortable brushing in front of strangers, so Smile Saver is perfect. I love this product!